To the south of South America, at the end of the Andes mountain range, and in the heart of Argentina exists a world-wide famous zone well-known for the quality of its wines.
Mendoza. 32 degrees south latitude, in the best area to produce high quality wines .
The soil, the sun, the altitude of 850 meters above sea level and its magnificent irrigation system that comes from the Andes, are the perfect combinations for the growing of grapes.
Enriched by the strong sun that shines 350 days of the year, with its pure air, its little rain-fall and permeable earth, Mendoza is a particular ecological zone for the production of excellent wine.
Bodega | GPS: -33,17076; -68,57796
mapa Bodega
Download the Luis Segundo Correas Winery Map here
Casa San Luis | GPS: -33,14807; -68,63375
mapa de la Casa San Luis
Download the San Luis Map here
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