Diego Correas and the Winemaker Daniel Mayorga are in charge of the elaboration and production of their wines. They have inherited sensitivity and the art to combine and heighten aromas and flavors, knowing the different soils,wine-stock, climate, age of the vineyards, amount of clusters and ripeness of the grapes, thus obtaining wines with expression and personality.

For the elaboration of wine and its treatment, the winery has a latest generation infrastructure, which allows them to reach an optimal quality of wines. We have a destemmer model DM-30, musts pump Kiesel sp-16, heat interchanger for cooling the grapes and musts, pneumatic presses Pf-100, computerized refrigerating equipment for a rigorous temperature control by stainless steel plates in vats and tanks, vacuum filters and diatomaceous earth, stainless steel tanks for the fermentation with temperature control and programmable remounting, nitrogen generating equipment and vane and piston positive displacement pumps. All the equipment is stainless steel and made in Italy.

The winery has 225 liter barrels of French oak from the forests of Alliers, Vosgues and Troncais, of different makes and up to 4 years old.

The red wines are elaborated in stainless steel tanks, and then left to rest and complete their maturing in oak barrels for a period of 6 to 12 months, according to the wine-stock and the style of wines. Every year 25% of the total number of barrels are replaced for new ones. It has a capacity of 3,700,000 liters in oak barrels, stainless steel tanks and sinks made of concrete, covered with epoxy glass painting. The sinks have the same width and height and the sizes are 5,000; 10,000 and 15,000 liters.
Our wines are elaborated entirely with our own grapes, which allow a precise handling of the harvest and elaboration. Respecting the artisan philosophy imposed on by our ancestors, the present directors are introducing the latest technological advances, new know-how and modern facilities to optimize the wine making process.
The fermentation and maturing are temperature controlled and with a long maceration in red wines. Using selected yeast according to the variety of the type of wine. The management of the vineyards and winery is performed personally on a daily basis by its owners, fourth generation of this traditional family of wines.
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